For advertisers / marketeers:
ReachApp gives you an estimate of the reach and overlap of
all your media and other touch points together. Not just the ones that are being planned by one agency.
It will support you in managing your marketing communications efforts from your
central viewpoint. This way you’ll have the potential impact of all your advertising campaigns always at hand.

Use it:
  • when your agencies are proposing to use several (perhaps too much) messages and media,
  • when you are reviewing offers you get from media owners
  • when you are contemplating between media plan or connection plan proposals.

For media owners:
More revenue because ReachApp shows you and your prospects quickly the
added value of your medium in any plan in terms of reach.
It also shows how your medium overlaps with other media and touch points. This means that you can make an i
mmediate deal in more meetings you have with prospects. You don’t lose time going back to the office for analysis and calculations.

For advertising, digital and other agencies:
ReachApp lets you quickly
estimate the total net reach and overlap of your plans. It also shows the role and importance of your proposals in a larger communication plan.
This allows you to better communicate to advertisers the
benefits of your ideas and proposals.

For media agencies:
ReachApp is for the situations that you don’t have immediate access to your tools.
You can provide estimates of
total net reach and overlap (duplicate reach) of the campaigns you are planning, while in meetings or on the go.

For data suppliers:
Depending on the data you supply, ReachApp shows you and your prospects quickly the
added value of your data in any plan in terms of reach.

For students, colleges, academies, business schools and universities:
ReachApp serves as a tool to explain the principles of media planning & strategy, advertising, (integrated) marketing communication and connection planning. It is a simple, quick and cheap way to produce results in case studies.

When to use ReachApp?

Since ReachApp is an app, it is a tool that you can carry everywhere in your pocket, bag, briefcase or purse.
You will have it with you when it matters:
  • In meetings,
  • on the road,
  • at home ánd
  • in the office.
ReachApp gives a quick indication of the potential impact your communication strategy will give you. This becomes hard to estimate when you think of using several media or touch points, that are being measured with data from different sources.