Select touch points

When you start the app, you’ll begin with the
Select screen. All 32 available touch points are listed in alphabetical order.

SelectScreen Tap Tap touch point icon for a definition

You can select or de-select touch points by tapping their area. When you first use ReachApp, to get you started, there is already a pre-selection. Tap the red button that says “Clear” to de-select all touch points.

Tap the blue header, that says “Select Touch Point”, for more info and instructions.

Tap the icon of a touch point, to get the definition of the touch point, according to ReachApp.

You cannot go to the
Input screen with no touch points selected.

Input reach

When you tap Input, on the bottom of the Select screen you’ll see the
Input screen.

InputSliderEngSite InputExplanationEngSite InputInstructionEngSite

Move the sliders for each touch point or medium you want to use in your strategy. This enables you to input the reach you estimate for each touch point, in steps of 5%. You can ask the agencies and media owners you work with to help you with these estimates. With every move of a slider ReachApp calculates the Total Net Reach and Locus (overlap between all your touch points) instantly.

You’ll see the
result in the green bar under the navigation bar that says Reset and ReachApp.

Tap the green header that says “Total Reach % Locus %” to see an explanation of these terms.

Tap the icon of a touch point for an instruction on how to input reach for this touch point.

Precise reach input

You can also put in the exact reach number, rounded off to 1%.


Tap the reach number of the touch point you want to change the reach for. You’ll see an input field as above.

Type in the reach and tap “Done” and you’ll return to the Input screen. Total Reach and Locus will be calculated immediately, as soon as you let go of the slider.

The reach per touch point cannot be higher than 100%, nor lower than 0%. The “
Done” button will not work if it is.

Keep and share your plan

You might want to keep and share your plan. In that case we advise to make a screen shot. On your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch at the same time press the Home and On/Off buttons. When you let go, there will be a picture of your plan in the camera roll of the device.

You can share the plan like you share your pictures: by e-mail, messages, social networks etcetera.