A touch point is any place or occasion where people get in touch with your brand. No matter who’s initiative it is. No matter if it’s paid for or free. ReachApp now offers a choice from 32 touch points to put in your plans. If you want more, let us know.

Advocacy90x90Advocacy - Consumers spread information about your brand.
Ambassador90x90Ambassador - A (known) person acts as spokesperson for your brand.
App90x90App - A branded software program that can be used on smartphones.
Asset90x90Asset - A proprietary tool or platform that a brand owns and that can be used to further build it.
Cinema90x90Cinema - Screen advertising in cinemas.
ConsoleGame90x90Console / Game - Advertising in a game (online, console, PC) or on a console.
DirectMail90x90Direct mail - Physical mail, delivered to mail boxes, targeted and untargeted.
Display90x90Display - Advertising on websites, through all possible formats.
E-Mail90x90E-mail - Electronic mail, delivered to the inbox, targeted and untargeted.
Event90x90Event - A branded gathering of people at an arranged place and time.
Experiential90x90Experiential - Engaging consumers in an experience that involves the product and/or brand values.
InternalEmployee90x90Internal / Employee - Personnel spreads information about your brand.
LoyaltyCRM90x90Loyalty / CRM - IT supported relationship with consumers.
Magazines90x90Magazines - Advertising in magazines.
Mobile90x90Mobile - Branded messaging on mobile phones.
Newspapers90x90Newspapers - Advertising in newspapers.
Outdoor90x90Outdoor - Advertising at physical places that are outside the consumers’ home.
Packaging90x90Packaging - Messaging on a product’s package.
PR90x90PR - Communication that focuses on a mutual benefit for brand and consumers.
Promotion90x90Promotion - Communication that focuses on a temporary change in price / value ratio.
Radio90x90Radio - Advertising on radio stations, in commercial airtime and in-program.
SEM90x90SEM - Search engine marketing - Paid optimization and advertising on search engine results pages.
SEO90x90SEO - Search engine optimization - Free optimization on search engine results pages.
Shopper90x90Shopper - Communication in retail channels.
Social90x90Social - Branded appearance on social networks, paid and unpaid.
Sponsorship90x90Sponsorship - A branding opportunity in exchange for financial support of a person, activity or organization.
Television90x90Television - Advertising on television, in commercial airtime and in-program.
TradeFair90x90Trade Fair - Appearing at an exhibition for a specific industry or purpose.
VideoOnDemand90x90Video On Demand - Advertising in an environment that provides audio visual content to users at request.
Viral90x90Viral - Communication in a way that optimizes the probability that people will forward your message.
Website90x90Website - Electronic information, that is stored on a server and is accessible through a browser.
WordOfMouth90x90Word Of Mouth - People pass opinions on a brand to other people.