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There are no data behind ReachApp, it works with an algorithm.

You might wonder whether you’ll get reliable results? Yes, you do get a good estimate, certainly because it is meant for strategy. For precise numbers, per medium type, that you use for evaluations and campaign payment, you’d probably deal with a specific agency or media owner.

We ask a price for ReachApp. In exchange we think we offer you a means to
  • cut marketing costs (if you’re an advertiser),
  • improve your marketing communication strategy,
  • better manage your agencies and campaigns,
  • maximize your sales pitch (if you’re a media owner or agency) and
  • save time.

Total Net Reach is the sum of reach of all your touch points (media), corrected for overlap (duplication).

Locus is the percentage of your target group that has an opportunity of contact with your messages through all the touch points (media) you are using.

Touch points are the places or occasions where people get in touch with your brand. No matter who’s initiative it is. No matter if it’s paid for or free. ReachApp now offers a choice from 32 touch points to put in your plans. These include traditional media, like Television and Radio, and other channels, like PR, Shopper, Experiential, Viral etc.

Reach is the number of people that have an opportunity to see your brand communication. Usually expressed in a percentage relative to a certain target group or the whole population.