Total Net Reach and Overlap

ReachApp adds up the reach for all touch points (media and other channels) in your advertising campaign. It estimates the Total Net Reach and Overlap of the whole campaign.
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This tool has been developed for:
  • Advertisers / Marketeers
  • Media owners
  • Agencies
  • Data Suppliers
  • Colleges, academies, business schools and universities
ReachApp works for traditional and digital media, as well as other touch points like promotion, experiential, PR, packaging, event etc. There are now 32 different media and other touch points in ReachApp. It also works for all countries.

Simple tool

In one screen you fill in the reach per medium. ReachApp instantly shows Total Net Reach and Overlap (Duplicate Reach) in the same screen.

The app is available for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch.